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Once you know your neighborhood school based on your residential address, you can refer to the partner zone schools lists here.

The Partner Plan is for elementary and middle schools only. It does not change the current Student Assignment Plan for high school placement or transportation eligibility.

Students who receive transportation as part of their Individual Education Plan (IEP) will continue to receive district-provided transportation. Students will continue to be placed in schools and programs designed to meet their special education needs, and the district will place students as close to their home as possible.

ESL services will continue to be available in all partner zones in 2017-18.

Yes. Placement in your neighborhood school is guaranteed at initial enrollment and during the annual school selection proccess.

Yes. Families may apply to any school in OPS. However, placement in a non-neighborhood school is based on space availability. If more students request a school than there is space available, then student placement will be prioritized by placing neighborhood students first, siblings of students already attending the school second, and remaining transfer students third. (See question below for details on transportation eligibility.)

• Neighborhood school: Students are eligible for transportation to their neighborhood school IF they reside more than 1.0 miles away (for elementary) or 1.5 miles (for middle school).
• Non-neighborhood school: Students will be eligible for transportation IF they attend one of their partner zone schools AND they reside more than 1.0 miles away (for elementary) or 1.5 miles (for middle school).
• Students attending a school outside of their partner zone will not be eligible for transportation.

In 2017-18, transportation will be available only to a student’s partner zone schools. Students will continue to receive transportation through the 2016-17 school year under the current Student Assignment Plan eligibility guidelines.

Yes. Families may apply to attend any specialty or magnet program school; however, if the school is outside their partner zone, the student will not be provided transportation.

Families may request to have their child remain in the same school following a residential move. If the new residence is located in the same partner zone as the school and meets the walk distance guidelines, then the student is eligible for transportation. If the residence is in a different partner zone, then transportation is not provided.

Transportation Eligibility Changes: 2017-2018

The Board of Education adopted a new Student Assignment Plan for elementary and middle schools (grades K-8) called the Partner Plan.  This plan impacts transportation eligibility for elementary and middle schools; no changes are being made for high schoolsFamilies may continue to attend and apply to any elementary or middle school under the Partner Plan; however transportation will not be provided to students attending schools outside of their Elementary or Middle School Partner Zone

The Partner Plan will be implemented for the 2017-18 school year, and it will change transportation eligibility for students not attending their neighborhood school starting that school year. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new plan now as you consider school choice and transportation in the near future. 

Under the Partner Plan, enrollment in the neighborhood school is guaranteed. Placement in non-neighborhood schools is dependent upon classroom space availability. School selection is prioritized by placing neighborhood students first, siblings of students already attending the school second, and remaining transfer students third. 

The Partner Plan considers the student’s residence and distance to school, not socioeconomic status, to determine transportation eligibility. The Partner Plan creates eight (8) elementary partner zones and four (4) middle school partner zones within the District. There are no changes to the high school plan for 2017-18. Your residential address and corresponding neighborhood school determine your partner zone. 

Please see the information page for elementary and middle school partner zone school lists -

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